Knowing More About Market Research in Taiwan

Market Research Taiwan

Market research Taiwan is very necessary to be done, because entering the Taiwanese market is quite difficult. It is one of the strictest markets in Asia, although many people tend to think the opposite. Products that enter the Taiwan region are always controlled for their quality and safety.

There are even some products that need approval from relevant ministries regarding their suitability for the Taiwanese market, such as:

  1. All types of beverages
  2. Pharmacy products or medicine
  3. Animal products
  4. Weapons and ammunition
  5. All types of cosmetics
  6. Valuables, including gemstones and metal
  7. Radioactive products or those that may pose threat to the environment
  8. Oil and all kinds of derivatives

The Ministry of Health takes control of products that might modify processes in the human body in some ways, such as:

  1. Medicines
  2. Vitamin supplements
  3. Medical equipment

Three of the products mentioned above can only be imported and sold in Taiwan if the requirements below are met:

  1. The foreign manufacturer has established a local manufacturing plant in Taiwan or at least a representative office
  2. The foreign corporation has pointed a local distributor in Taiwan and approved by authorities.

Due to the terms and conditions mentioned above, market research Taiwan has been proven to be highly essential to companies around the world if they want to succeed in marketing their products in Taiwan. Getting in touch with market research companies in Taiwan can really help in marketing your products and services in Taiwan.

The problem of finding the correct marketing strategy and reaching the targeted consumers is a recurring problem among marketers in Taiwan. The main cause behind this is because all market research companies in Taiwan will intervene in all steps during a company’s establishment in Taiwan. Some of the features that will be inspected are distribution, operational management, and registration process.

Market Research Taiwan to Penetrate the Market

With the trade liberalization being done since the year or 1990, many agents and distributors have joined and started importing to sell their products. Nowadays, most main retail chains have their own importer agents.

In the last few years, hypermarkets have become increasingly important in the distribution sector, according to the market research companies in Taiwan. Supermarkets or hypermarkets in Taiwan contribute more than eighty per cents in primary needs marketing. In 2013, the domestic retail market in Taiwan is estimated to be worth around 230 billion US Dollars.

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